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There are some intriguing figures in the press today:

* In England alone (that's not including Scotland, Wales or Ireland) there are 3.8 million homes rented privately.

* The 3.8 million rented homes = 16.5% of all households.

* The London proportion is double at 33%.

NOTE: If there are 3.8 million homes it means there are at least 3.8 million tenants and I have it on good authority that at least 20 of them are good ones....I know cos I've got most of them.

It must give us all a degree of comfort to know that in ones darkest days, when your property has been empty for a while there are lots of people out there looking for somewhere to live.

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That's interesting. I thought there would be more renting as population of UK is around 55 million.

I would like to know how many tenants are on HB?

How many tenants do not pay their water bills and/or council tax at all?

How many of these are non UK nationals?

No racist argument is intended - I just want to know and I expect some of you do too.

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