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Maximum number of people allowed in a property


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My tenants are having a baby, so there will be 5 of them (one family) in my 3 bed property. This is fine as it has 2 double rooms and a single, 1bathroom, 1 ensuite and a downstairs cloakroom. They have now asked if their parents can stay as guests for a few weeks when the baby arrives (they are coming from Spain). We are very unsure of this and wondered if there is a formula for max number of people in a rental property.

Many thanks,

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1. They don't need to ask you.

2. You don't need to be involved.

3. They can have visitors whenever they like and for as long as they like.

If the visitors became permanent occupiers then it might be different.

I suggest you don't concern yourself with your tenants visitors.


Perhaps I should add....its good news that they have asked as it would suggest to me that they are excellent tenants.

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