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Bad letting agent - As a Landlord is there a way to get out of the contract without paying a huge penalty fee?


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As a landlord I engaged a letting agent to fully manage my property but have been thoroughly disappointed with service they have provided. The contract has quite a lengthily time left to run and the relationship has now been severely soured due to the complaints I have made. I would like to know if there is any way I am legally able to get out of this contract before the finish date without having to pay a huge penalty fee? I have a number of issues with the letting agent, ie things not being picked up on, on inspections and mis-advice but feel that this would be my word against theirs. If anyone has been in a similar situation I would be really grateful for any advice you could give?

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When you signed up with said agent you signed their contract to agree to their terms.

If you find they are not keeping to the contract it is up to you to prove so or pay a penalty to get out of the contract.

Write to the agent setting out the points where you believe they have failed. Get it all in writing. Negotiation is key here.

If still unhappy consider taking the matter up with the small claims court to get what you have paid back for 'mismanagement'.

TIP - fill out the court papers (easily downloadable online) and send a copy to the agent with a 'letter before action' saying you will send in the papers and court fee if agent does not come to a satisfactory arrangement with you.

Has agent protected deposit and issued the PI to tenant - the responsibility lies with the landlord on that one?

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