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best option to pursue tenant for rental arrears


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Hi All,

I have a situation arising where the tenant has been served notice and is coming into their last month of the tenancy but have not paid their 2nd to last months and despite a number of emails has not answered that request of confirmed that they will pay.

Wanted to know the best and right way to pursue for all outstanding rent as expect it will be a full two months worth before we take into account any other costs (if any). Can I progress a CCJ or arrange a bailiff or what and at what point - before the tenancy ends or only after and what statutory notices need to be issued?

Thanks in advance !

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Do you have a guarantor you can chase??

Do you have Rent Guarantee Insurance you can claim on??

Do you have a deposit??

I am assuming you have served a s21 correctly but now 2 months rent is owning you can serve a section 8 using grounds 8,10,11 which means you can apply for a a court hearing on-line https://www.possessionclaim.gov.uk/pcol/ 14+2 days later and you will be give a court date as soon as you complete the form and make payment which will be about another 4-6 weeks later. This if done correctly will give a possession order and a CCJ for any rent arrears.

You could apply for a CCJ now using https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/web/mcol/welcome but you would need to send a letter before action first but as you don't know the final figure the tenant will owe as they haven't moved out yet and there may be damages as well it would be premature.

Now is the time to collect as much info as you can on the tenant such as place of work and car details which may help in recovering monies owed at a later date.

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