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Tenant has broken storage heater, Liability?


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My Tenants have caused the main storage heater in the living room to stop working by keeping a sofa tight up against it causing it overheat.

Part of thier sofa has melted and actually stuck onto the facia of the storage heater.

Am I responsible for getting this repaired or is it down to them because they have caused it to break?

It does say in the welcome pack I gave them when they moved in to Not Obstruct the Heaters.



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Yes landlords are responsible for promptly fixing the heating in their rental property however the problem occoured. If the tenants have caused the failure then the landlord may be able to claim the cost of the repairs from the tenants.

Note: Many storage heaters have a thermal overload cut off which can easily be reset. Sometimes the overload switch is accessible from under the heater, sometimes the front cover needs to be removed to gain access. Other heaters have a simple fuse link that is replaceable. Get this checked before incurring large repair/ replacement costs.

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