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Update on tenants/inspection issues

Dave A

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Not an awful lot going on on here at the moment, so I thought I'd just update on our last property learning experience.

Background history:

Tenants moved in about 3 and a half years ago, no problems until about 18 months ago. Started becoming very demanding, finding fault wherever possible and making unreasonable demands for repairs and being uncooperative when repairs arranged. It all came to a head with them bawling at us, making untrue accusations and generally being uncooperative. We advised them that their rent was going up and that this would be their last tenancy. They left shortly afterwards, being a complete pain right to the end.

What happened next:

We took posession of the property, and put a sign up the next day. We had a few enquiries, one of which came from our definition of a model tenant. He had a viewing part way through us decorating, all OK? Only issue was that he couldn't move in for about 8 weeks as he had an existing tenancy to run out. We decided we would wait for this to happen as he met ALL of our criteria for tenants. In the meantime we finished the decorating. During this time a change in circumstances meant that he was allowed to surrender his tenancy early and he has moved in.

So deposit and rent paid in cash, deposit protected, tenancy completed, tenant moved in. Only 5 weeks void (over xmas), good tenant, haven't heard a peep as of yet. All good.

So what did we learn; if tenants are a real pita, get rid and move on. It seemed painful at the time and we were prepared to go through the whole S21/court process if need be, as it happened they made life easier by leaving of their own free will. We spent too much time, money and energy trying to reach a compromise with and appease them. This was never going to work, and we should have bitten the bullet sooner.

Lesson learnt.


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Hi Dave,

I have a theory that some tenants when they have been in a while look at what they have paid in rent and decide they want more for their cash - hence the demands etc. At that point it is best to get shot just like you have.

Similar story - I have a tenant who has been in a small 1 bed property ( with storage heaters and a plasma type gas) fire a year - having moved in during the coldest part of last year. She loved the property, made a fabulous job of personalisation of house with soft furnishings mostly she made. Made a lovely job of the garden Peace and pleasantness until - she met bloke next door who has gas CH (put in by over zealous previous owner). She campaigned all summer for Gas CH - I resisted. She even asked me to remove the storage heaters to make room for 2 large leather sofas - I resisted and could see that Gas CH would be at the back of this.

Alternate weeks she texts to complain about some minor thing - the latest being junk mail for previous tenants and prior to that it was cats from across the road.

I am on the verge of Section 21......................but she keeps the place so well I am not going to take my own advice - yet.

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We are all individuals with our own requirements and I think we each have to judge the point at which a tenancy just doesn't warrant our time / effort in trying to satisfy a demanding or difficult tenant. I always try to take a balanced view as often when faced with difficult or demanding tenants there is usually some element of the tenancy that is really good.

A good example is.........I currently have a tenant who is a poor payer. Sometimes the rent is a week late sometimes its more than a month late but it is ALWAYS late. I have to send reminders every month that the rent is due but it IS always paid and the tenancy has lasted 6.5 years. Why do I put up with it ? Because in every other respect its a model tenancy.......the place is kept spotlessly tidy & clean. There are non of the usual problems eg.....pets, smoking, young kids, noise, parties, shift work, benefits claimants, arguments with neighbours, unreasonable demands etc etc.

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