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Freehold Roof Repairs Question


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Hi All,

Quick question... I've just purchased my first property and we have a split freehold with three owners.

My property downstairs is owned by me and I plan on moving in asap, next door also has the owner living there but upstairs is currently occupied by a couple renting.

Following decorating my place we've discovered some water coming into my bedroom. It's coming from the flat roof which is also the balcony for the guys renting upstairs.

At the moment I don't know what the issue is until someone has looked at it so unsure if it would be covered on insurance or anything.

Does anyone know what the most likely scenario would end up being? I'm guessing getting the work carried out and the cost split between myself and the other two freeholders?

Many Thanks

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It really depends on the lease and they all vary.

Generally speaking a roof would be down the block management and paid out of the service charges if just old and come to the end of its life or minor repair. If storm damage the insurance may pay.

A balcony could either be covered by the service charge or the individual owner of the flat with that balcony. Depends what is in their lease.

We managed a flat with a balcony with a similar problem and it was the flat owners liability.

You need to speak to who ever is managing the block and ask the question and push them to resolve the leak. If they drag their heals threaten to chase any loss you have through them.

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