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Call Out Charge


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Thank you for your help in advance.

We recently report that there was a fault with our washing machine, the landlord duly arranged for an engineer to visit. the fault identified was a blocked filter.

One week on we have received an invoice from the landlord for the call out fee and a brief letter explaining that as the machine hadn't broken down, it was not their responsibility to cover the costs.

I have two issues the first is we weren't informed of any potential cost on our part and secondly there is no manual in the property to refer to for maintenance and no easily identifiable model number etc.

Ultimately can they enforce this invoice.

Thanks Again.

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In my opinion its a legitimate charge against the tenant.

Tenants are required to act in a tenant like manner and that means doing small jobs like unblocking washing machine filters. If you can't do it yourself you are at liberty to get someone to help you. The landlord is not responsible for the cost of this kind of repair anymore than he would be responsible for changing light bulbs, batteries, tap washers or unblocking sinks.

Ask your landlord to obtain the instruction manuals for ALL appliances supplied by him.

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