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working out tax deduction for mortgage interest


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Hope someone can help please

I'm aware that I can recover the interest I'm paying on my mortgage for my buy to let property, however I'm not sure how I calculate this

My mortgage runs from August to August and I only see an overall interest figure for that period.

I assume my tax return needs to run April to April but not sure how I calculate that based on the info I have

Any help much appreciated please

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As you may already know, you can only claim the interest payments not any capital repayment on the mortgage.

Personally I convert the interest payments to a daily figure & then multiply by the number of days in the year.

So,, for example you know your outstanding balance at the start of the mortgage year ( August in your case). You may be paying say, 3% for 9 months (273 days) & 2.5 % for 3 months (92 days)


If you have an accountant he will do it for you.

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