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key fund deposit?

lesley mcmillan

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Hi All

not been on for a while, not sure if anyone else has asked this question before, I have looked back as far as I have had time to do.

However the point of any forum is to ask and help each other.

I have a tenant that has asked me about "key fund", I have looked up and it does not tell me much http://www.trustinfife.org.uk

Does anyone know anymore has anyone used this before?

Any more information would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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There are several similar schemes such as this around the UK.

My only advice to you on this scheme is that if you don't have any say on who is actually going to occupy your property then avoid it.

If your property is ultra smart and in a good area then avoid this scheme as well. All good rental property should let very easily to any private tenant at the market rate.

The situation changes week on week and local authorities now have a duty to provide housing for all EU citizens and not unsurprisingly there is an acute shortage of rental properties so LA's are looking to the private landlord to make up the shortfall.

Needless to say, as you can read in the daily papers, some of these EU citizens don't meet an acceptable standard of cleanliness or behaviour.

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thanks Melboy

its a lady who wants my property has the rent but looking on how to get the deposit, she mentioned this and I tried to find out how it works

Bad start from the off Les. This prospective tenant would be looking to raise the deposit from family and friends or a credit card.

You would also almost certainly require a rent guarantor with good solid checkable references as to having the ability to support your tenant with rent payments to you.

Sad fact, but I am asuming you are not registered as a charity, you would be entering a minefield here unless you can convince the forum differently with more facts to support your reasons in taking this person on.

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