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Just joined today, so after reading a few posts, the first thing that hits me is I don't understand the abbreviations that are being used. I've been a landlord for a year. I let a realtor start the entire process, then took over. The rent has always been on time, but they are having financial problems. The water was just turned off for no payment. They have never paid it on time. Unfortunately the city had to call my husband to come over to turn off the water because they have a dog. The rental agreement says no dogs, so I told them the dog had to be gone immediately. I had also mentioned (in writing to them) if they were having financial problems and needed a cheaper place, I would work with them so they didn't have an eviction on their record. They took it wrong. The renters are deaf, so some of the things I write, they take another way, never ask me about it, just assume I mean something else. This one just turned into the woman saying I was harassing her about the dog when her boyfriend had just gotten out of the hospital. She said in the note it was just to much, and I would just have to wait for them to get rid of the dog. I saw red, but didn't say anything because she was crying and upset. I ultimately told her to have the dog gone by 9-15, next month. That's how it was left. I'm angry because you don't tell a landlord they are just going to have to wait, when they are the ones who broke the rental agreement by bringing in the dog in the first place.

The man is nice and has always been respectful, the woman is pushy when she doesn't get her way, and we have helped them so much in the past. Unfortunately they also live in the house behind us.

I'm at a loss because I feel I need to be caring to him as he just got out of the hospital, but at this point I do not like her at all. I don't have a problem renting to someone I don't care for, but after he is better, I have no intention of having much to do with her.

Right now my emotions are running me. I intend to tell her in the future it's never a wise thing to do to tell your landlord they are just going to have to wait. Am I wrong? Am I just letting my emotions take over to let them know who the landlord is and who the tenant is?

Thank you,


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