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Tenant moving in girlfriend!


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We have been renting a flat to a work colleague for about 15 months now. We were intending to install a new kitchen before renting but the tenant wanted to put it in himself and we pay him for the work. The kitchen still hasn't been put up properly and as far as we know he's been living out of boxes and in the pub! We won't be paying him for the job until its fitted.

Anyways we've just found out and he's admitted he moved in his girlfriend, he says about 2 weeks ago and didn't say anything to us about it. Should we do anything about this, it was only rented to him, no mention of any other person. Will this cause any complications for us?

On the plus side, he's paying his rent on time and the girlfriend might be more keen for him to complete the kitchen..

thank you for any advice

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The guy is paying his rent on time, that is the most important factor.

By the sounds of it, he's in no rush to fit the new kitchen. If anything will speed him up, then living with a girlfriend will (Right lads?) !!

Even if he never finishes the kitchen, as long as he continues to cover your costs (mortgage etc) then that's fine for the time being.

Just don't give him any beer money in advance for the kitchen.

As soon as he or you give notice for him to leave then you could get the kitchen sorted then, ready for a new tenant. He shouldn't object to the work being done whilst he's packing his bags.

It's hard to know if there will be any difficulties if he moves his girlfriend in, as you haven't mentioned if there a proper tenancy agreement in place?

Do you hold a deposit?

If you do not have a tenancy agreement in place, or / and you don't hold a security deposit, then if he moves his girlfriend in, I would get them both to sign a new tenancy agreement (free and downloadable from this website) and get them to pay you a month's deposit, afterall, even though he may be susceptible to a few beers, you sort of know him, however you may not know her as well.

At the time of discussing a new tenancy agreement, I don't think raising the rent by 15% is unfair, that is depending on the level of rent you are already charging him.

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Every thing that Reg has covered....... and it is also absolutely essential that this person's girlfriend is named on the contract.

He should have asked before moving Her in as a formality really.

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I Agree with above. You should raise a new contract treating the girl friend as a separately named tenant with her own checked references. This should cover the unlikely possibility of a split up with the chap quitting first, leaving the lady in residence without assurance of her ability to continue to pay the rent. And if this does happen, you serve them both notice, giving either partner the option of starting a further new contract on their own.

Of course the split won't happen, but under Murphy's law...............!!

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Thank you all for your replies and I apologise for not replying before.

I've downloaded a new tenancy agreement from here to come into effect at the end of the month when the present one expires, would you suggest I give them one each or just add her name to it -from tenant to tenants? Apparently they are getting married this month. He has agreed to a rent increase of £10 making it £95 per week which I'd like to think is reasonable for a small flat, but now's the time to make any changes if I'm going to!

We don't hold any deposit, Reg.

Thanks again

PS We think he's done some more work to the kitchen :rolleyes:

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I would advise to start again with a new joint agreement, i.e. one agreement signed by both tenants.

That way, in the event of one quitting without the other, the joint agreement becomes void for both tenants leaving you in a negotiable position to start again, again with the remaining tenant or a new one.

Let's hope they become happily married and this doesn't arise!

The agreement should include permission, consultation, and state of work, for tenant doing any decorations and alterations so that you can potentially recover some cost if you have to redo their work after eventual departure.

You should ask for a deposit of the normal 1.1/2 months.

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