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wondered if anyone knew if there is a legal responsibility that I should forward on received post?

My previous tenant seems to think there is - amazing, given that he left owing several months rent and property in a condition that will cost to put right

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks

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You are under no legal responsibility to forward any post on. What you are not permitted to do is to open it.

I use to bundle it all up and keep it for 6 Months and if there was no request for the mail it was then destroyed. Never ever had any comebacks.

I have a clause in my contracts which states it is the Tenants responsibilty to inform the PO to re-direct the incoming mail for which the PO charge a fee for.

Having said that, I do offer the outgoing Tenant a very large stamped addressed envelope into which I would place a fortnights mail and post onto them. I have only ever had 1 person take this offer up in nearly 17 years of letting!!

If you Tenant has done a runner than I wouldn't be to concerned in the least.

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