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wondered if anyone could give me some advice please?

Previous tenant just vacated property leaving debt of around 4 months rent and property not how he had found it. will cost money now to get rid of the remaining junk, clean and paint the property.

Would like to let it as soon as possible - but now obviously want to be as cautious as possible.

Is there any advice about reletting in terms of checking identity, salary and general suitability?

Is there any value in obtaining a guarantor? Do tenants expect to be asked about this ? Is this asked for if tenants are young etc?

Also, would like to pursue previous tenant for arrears, extra costs associated with putting property right?

Do not know new address - only have NI number....

Any advice would be of help - many thanks - also note previous comment: No tenant is better than bad one!

PS. Did take up employment references for old tenant but, within six months was unemployed and defaulted!!

Thanks again.

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Hi Crimsongirl,

Whatever checks you decide to do, prior to the commencement of the tenancy, will not prepare you for what might happen if your tenant loses their job and, therefore, does not have enough money to pay you the rent.

Always check employment, previous landlord and character references. Perform a credit check if you want to be cautious - these can be bought for as little as £10+VAT online.

Keep in close contact with your tenant during the tenancy. If it looks like they are going to lose their job then encourage them to go to the Council to claim Housing Benefit / Income Support / Both.

Housing Benefit cannot be claimed "retrospectively" - so the sooner they get down to the Council - the sooner they will be able to start paying you their rent.

Finally, if your tenant can't pay you their rent ... let them out of the tenancy agreement early - actively encourage them to leave your property - without penalty - so that you are able to let it to someone who is able to pay the rent!

Hope that helps ....


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