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Breaking a contract prior to tenant moving in


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Hi, i have made a really stupid mistake. I took the word of an exiting tenant that their friend would be a really good new tenant. Having spoken to him on the phone, i agreed to let him take the property and sent him a contract. I failed to take adequate references and have since found that he is is arrears at his current address and a former one as well, doesn't pay his bills and makes a habit of 'flitting'. He has signed the agreement and returned it, but so far has not moved in, nor paid any money. I have since also found out that he has a large labrador dog, but we operate a no pets policy.

As he is (or will be) already in breach of the agreement, am i legally allowed to revoke the tenancy agreement and refuse to let him take the policy.

As i said, i know i have been really stupid, and have already learned a valuable lesson, so any positive advice to get me out of this would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Yes you were very naive about this but lets not linger on your failings.

Do not let him in ! Do not give him the keys ! He has not paid any deposit money so that is a point in your favour.

Write to him right now recorded post if possible explaining that he will be in breach of his tenancy contract re animals etc. and after receiving references from his previous rental agreements and the amount of arrears and non payment you are not prepared to have him as your tenant.

Yes he will go on about a signed contract etc. but just bluff it out and tell him to take you through the courts and see how far he gets with the evidence you have before you.

Believe you me it's far better to do it this way now then when he is in your property because it will cost you thousands to get rid of him.....possibly.

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