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Problem with managing agents


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I wonder if anyone can help me? I am having problems with the managing agents who have been managing my rented property for the past two years. They are refusing to pay for repairs and items missing from my original inventory, since they say they did a new inventory in March this year when a new tenant moved in, and that the items were missing or damaged then, even though I was not given a copy of this inventory. I hold the managing agents responsible, but they say they are not. My question is firstly,can they do this, and tsecondly, to whom do I complain or contact for assistance? The agents are saying I will get nowhere in court unless I have receipts for every item - is that true?

Thank you.

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Hi Kristeen,

Unless the managing agent actually damaged or removed the missing items themselves - which I doubt - then I would have thought the previous TENANTS would have been responsible (for causing the damage or removing the items) and not the LETTING AGENT.

The mistake would have happened during the change over of tenancy (back in March I guess) when the damage / missing items were not noticed by the agent.

Were you invited to attend the checkout ? Did you have the opportunity to attend ? Did you give the managing agent authority to act on your behalf (and return the security deposit to the negligent tenant).

I would guess that you would have had to authorise the return of the deposit to the tenant - at the very least ...

So, if you authorised the rent of the deposit and the damage / missing items have subsequently been uncovered then I would have thought that YOU would have been as equally responsible as the letting agent.

How much damage has been done ?

Can you not reach a compromise with the letting agent who has acted for you over the last 2 years .. with threatening each other with legal action (that doesn't benefit either party).


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