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  1. Thank you for your responses which are reassuring. Luckily for all concerned, the couple have found a fabulous bungalow vacant with much more space and a garage to suit their needs. Hes issued me with a stern letter stating what I owe him on a daily basis for his early departure. He states I have asked him to move which I did not, however i did inform them that in order to make good the walls and ceiling that it would be impossible for their furniture to remain in the affected areas. I couldnt make this up! He notified me of the flood by EMAIL! Rather than call the mobile number of myself or daughter (a qualified plumber) supplied he said he lost these. Unbelievable.
  2. A pipe burst recently in my rented property. Water leaked from a pipe drenching the living room below, walls and carpets. My building insurance will pay for damage to structure and clean carpets. They deem house habitable as theres gas heating and kitchen and upper rooms not affected. The tenants say his chest is affected by dampness and is moving out next monday demanding the folowing :- I repair/replace a table and chairs, two rugs, and reupholster his setee and 3 armchairs. They possessed an industrial bissel machine and did a good job on clearing up whilst I had plumber , electrician and delivery of dehumidifiers via the insurers. They have said I should pay them rent paid in advance as the are leaving without giving said months notice . Tenancy agreement says they must have contents insurance and they say they have this and the insurers refuse to pay saying myself, the landord is liable. I have building insurance only and thought this sufficient. Im not keeping them to the required notice, but am I liable for their damaged furniture?
  3. Thanks all, I’m going to make a modest increase using pointers provided to inform them of the value for money they enjoy
  4. Hi, yes I’ve had experience of this. I reduced rent to previous tenant by £50 pcm citing hard times and when I asked for increase a few years later- she gave notice and bought herself a property. I live and learn.
  5. Thanks RL, very helpful. I’ve relevant documents for Scotland I’ve obtained from Shelter. Keen to keep on good terms with current tenants so will take this on board
  6. I have two properties in Glasgow rented out to nice tenants and seek some advice about rent increases. One couple have rented for 1 year and the other 18 months. Rents are modest given that they are houses, rather than flats so should have a slight premium. Tenants seem happy but I would like to increase rents by 1 to 2 per cent annually. I read some landlords don’t raise rents when all going well as this can tip tenants towards leaving. Any advice please. Do I do nothing and let rent value erode or make modest increases annually?
  7. Thanks Richlist . It's actually a PVC door type and I was not amused when I saw it. The chip was glued back in but not sure if it's a permanent fix. Can pvc frames be repaired. ? Unfortunately it's a brown colour so probably more difficult to match. Don't want to hijack the furnished/ unfurnished discussion but grateful for advice
  8. Just had an older couple move into my modern style mid terrace house. They damaged frame of door taking a chunk out of frame. To be fair they have older larger pieces of furniture but seriously considering furnishing property myself for damage limitation. Also my city council give 6 months community charge exemption but property must be unfurnished and unoccupied to qualify
  9. Thankyou, I will look into that
  10. Thanks for swift reply. How does a landlord go about checking out guarantors credentials and could anyone advise where I could get agreement documentation for this?
  11. I have 2 propertys and so far, with lots of info from this forum, I've managed without too many problems. Im currently advertising and have an interested party who is self employed. Ive asked for payslips etc and contacted employers to verify post and contracts are permanent of previous tenants. Am I best to avoid , or how would you go about checking financial viability of self employed.
  12. Hi, my tenant ( a friend) agreed to vacate tenancy but i'm told hasn't found suitable accommodation elsewhere. I am going to seek legal advice (Scotland) and hope to have him vacate on a no blame basis. Id bought the house with the intention of renovating and selling. made the mistake of 'helping out a friend' and now cant get rid. my question is around my request for thew property to be vacated to allow me to move in. I did live there during renovation, but it wasnt my principle home. Whilst i do genuinely wish to move in to said property, would a court seek evidence that i lived there previously and what would i need to provide?? Hoping he will just go quietly when 2 months notice is up, but need to be forearmed. Tenancy was on a short assured tenancy with an AT5 issued prior to signing for tenancy. No deposit and got gas certificates and registered myself as a landlord.
  13. adonaghy


    Can anyone help with my query? Im serving section 21 on tenant and as my tenant works long days is most unlikely to be home to sign for recorded delivery. If i sent a lovely parcel (got the idea from forum) to his place of work, but another employee signs for it, will courts see it as being served or must the individual sign himself? Thanks
  14. Hi, i wonder if anyone can recommend a company for credit referencing and also can these be linked to rent guarantee policy? Any pros and cons of this would be helpfull
  15. My aim is to have one lovely house to rent in or live in in 10 yrs time and to eventually sell unencumbered property to achieve this. Im not so concerned about making loads to spend (I wish), but does this idea make any financial sense? Should i have both properties heavily mortgaged to gain most benefit, even though this means money sitting in bank in readieness for when I can pay off 135k in full?
  16. I was looking at yield from a more personal angle than business Richlist. My aim ultimately is to sell my unencumbered property (2 bed mid terrace) in time and end up with a nicer 3 bed semi fully paid off by the time i retire due to the two rents I will collect. Is it worth me ensuring both properties are mortgaged to the max and place the cash in an interest bearing account, so it can be offset with the tax. Or do I leave the unencumbered property as is. I plan to put 25per cent deposit down on £135k new house, so it will be mortgaged anyway. I know questions are from a personal rather than purely business, but Id love to use my current personal circumstance to allow me to buy this fabulous house without considering that I may be considering financial stupidity to achieve it. ?
  17. First of all, thanks for help from forum members so far. Much appreeciated. Ive an unencumbered property I let fetching around 5k per annum. (My old home). Ive seen a property at £135 that I would like to have for pension or potential home. Looks like and ok yield according to previous posts. My question is if the new property initially incurs a loss and my other one continues to make a profit, can one be offset against the other on tax returns or must each be presented alone, Thanks
  18. Ive seen a three bed semi in a great area and loads of kerb appeal. It will cost me 135k (10k off home report) and I expect it to fetch around £650 pcm. Im buying it as a pension plan, but it will eventually house me when I downsize in 10 yrs so yield not all important. Can anyone work out yield and tell me how calculaton is done, thanks Ann
  19. Thanks for all you advice, sincerely. Im going to ask my bank to remortgage a property I already own and is let out (it currently has no finance against it.9 Not quite a helicopter, but it will do ). I became an incidental landlord with this property as it had been my home. I will proceed on current property if they can deliver on time. If this fails i can keep the sum raised and available for a future purchase as 'cash is king' a wise man told me.
  20. Thanks, i saw my bank mortgage adviser last week and she thought id have no problem getting a BTL mortgage . I have an appointment tomorrow to see her and ask her to process my application (I bank with them and they have full details of my finances). I assume I just need the 'mortgage offer' in place for missive signature in two weeks and money available for approx five weeks at entry date. So how does a bridging loan work? Bank said they would process application as urgent but wouldnt commit more than that.
  21. I made an offer on the property via an estate agent and not an auction. That said, has anyone had any experience of buying a repossession and had to back out due to bank being unable to deliver or having seller give more time? Thanks.
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