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Nightmare day ! sent my gas man to do a service and he's condemned my boiler in my rental !! thought oh god no !! gave us a quote of a grand 500 !! ( its the old type back boiler) soooo i rang the council and yes they are still doing this scheme " nest" and because my tenant is on H/b income support, child benefit child tax credits looks like we can get a new boiler thou her ! omg what a relief !! gave all the info today and im hopefull ! My local one stop shop knew nothing about it but i kept ringing different numbers till i hit on an advisor who actually knew what she was talking about !! good news for landlords !! prob the cavity and loft insulation still available on this scheme too.


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Good website. Glad to see that it recommends repair of boilers working above 86% SEDBUCK, rather than replacement. This is not always clear in 'new for old' schemes.

Somewhere back on this forum we calc'd that replacing an 86% old boiler will only save about 5% - 10% energy per year, which, at present fuel prices, would take 200 years or so to recover costs of replacement. Assuming new has 20 year life, one only recovers 1/10th of cost before next replacement is needed. No actual saving!

I think ECO grants come from our money....

I like Green Deal DECC proposal for street-by-street deals. Having had to remove carport roof twice in 2 years some years ago to access neighbouring cavity walls, I recall suggesting this idea to L Authority!

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Hi Chestnut,

Glad you like the website!

ECO Funding (just over £1.3bn per year until 2015) is basically Energy Suppliers profits. The Government set the initiative upon them to give back this money so that it can go to Localo Authorities, Housing Associations and, most importantly, within the private housing sector.

I'm trying to look for private landlords with a portfolio of roughly 15 properties or more, to see if we could expand our clientele to get this funding to Landlords.

Would you know where I would find such information?

Thanks :)

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