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We are about to relet our flat and have decided to do this ourselves instead of through an agent this time. I have been looking at the homelet maintenance insurance which would give our tenants an emergency number if a plumbing, etc disaster occurs. I was just wandering if any of you had used this and what you thought of it.


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Hi Michaela!

I used to use Homelet, but not the emergancy service, however I found better insurance quotes elsewhere so moved on.

I agree this service can be useful to the tenants (and provide peace of mind to you) however if my tenants had the phone number I'd be more worried they would be ringing up everytime a tap drips and running up a huge bill for me :D

If you live far away and cannot easily attend to problems then it may be worth it. However it may be cheaper just to find a local plumber who can fix the problem should it ever occur.

I guess it depends on how good you think your plumbing is! If you're expecting lots of problems and you live miles away, then it's probably worth it!


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