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tenancy agreement


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My curent tenants have just left the flat and I could do with some advice both from a legal and practical point of view as to what is reasonable behaviour on my part.

As I understand you can charge for all breakages, missing items and cleaning. Is this true? Do you?

They left the place very dirty and it took 4 hours of leaning to put right. Do you charge for this?

Is it fair to expect them to clean carpet and upholstery if they've stained it?

The flat was very clean when they moved in. Is it fair to expect it to be left in the same clean condition obviously allowing for general wear and tear.

I've always used an agency before and they were incredibly strict. Its a good flat in a good area renting to professionals. This is the first time I've done it myself and i would appreciate any advice.

Thank you.

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It will depend on your contract what you can try to claim.

If you think you can, negotiate a nominal cost for cleaning and breakages out of the deposit, but don't hold your breath or waste time on it. If your claim for breakages goes to some length you will need to itemise it to the tenant and keep a record.

I think it's better to grin and bear it and move on. Concentrate on finding new tenants to get your tenancy business running again.

Remember that the best cleaner is you, the owner!

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Hi davie. I agree with Webb that it depends what was in the contract. I am probably too late with this advice, but you will probably find it is easier to deduct cleaning costs if you have paid a professional to do it. Although in theory you can claim for all damage or missing items, it is often difficult to prove which would come under reasonable wear and tear(which you can't claim) and willful damage (which you CAN claim) In an earlier topic a few months back, I asked if I was being unreasonable with what I was claiming. We had an Agent who was making out that certain damaged items could not be claimed. We argued our case, but at the same time removed any item from our claim that could count as wear and tear (EG. missing doorhandles, electric bulbs) We had paid for a professional cleaner which was accepted without question, but had problems claiming for our own time and effort to clear rubbish, tidy garden, wash windows and repair plastic roof. I would advise you to obtain receipts for work done professionally, as far as is possible within the constraints of how much deposit is available. I certainly think it is reasonable to pay a professional if a property is left particularly dirty. Expect to do a certain amount yourself between tenants without getting financial recompense. Incidentally, if you let an unfurnished property, then you should expect a few scrapes on the walls as the tenant moves furniture in and out ie. this counts as wear and tear.

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