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Notice Period


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Wondering if any of you guys have any info on this topic.

Basically I am drawing up a tenancy agreement but need to clarify exactly what I should put in regarding the notice period. The tenancy will be for a year, with option to extend.

Do you know what the procedures for giving notice are? Is it along the lines of the tenant can't move out before 6 months but any time after that they have to give a months notice? Or can the tenant give 2 months notice 4 months into the contract and then leave when the 6 months are up?

Or can I make this easier!



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Sounds to me little point in doing a years tenancy if you are thinking of giving the option to leave after 6 months. Why not simply do a 6 month tenancy allow 1 months notice to be served anytime but that the notice cannot expire before the fixed term has ended. Nice and simple.

Ideally in my opinion you should create a 3 month tenancy, giving you more control.

All the best.


Guild of Residential Landlords

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