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Assured Tenancy to Monthly Tenure


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Hi all

I'm a 1st time landlord coming to the end of the first 12months with my tenant on an Assured Tenancy contract. They have signed two separate 6 month contracts and want to extend. When I was a tenant myself after the first 12 months (through an agent) I was asked to sign a letter which permitted me to continue renting on a monthly tenure basis. My tenants are currently problem free and are a professional couple.

Is this a wise move and does anyone know what I must include in the letter to set this up?

Thanks for any advice.


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Hi, do you mean an assured shorthold tenancy contract. If this as an assured shorthold you should consider do you want to be tied into another fixed term contract.

This means you cannot gain possession until the fixed term comes to an end unless you can prove certain grounds.

Likewise the tenants will also be tied into the contract. A will be responsible for teh full rent for teh period if they wish to leave early.

at the end of the fixed term you do not need to do anything the tenancy will continue on a monthly or weekly peroidic basis until either side gives notice. this does not tie you into another fixed term you do not have to provide a letter. the orginal agreement will still apply and the tenancy continues as a periodic tenancy.

hope this is clear

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