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my flat is covered by building insurance ( payed to managing agent of the complex of flats.) Can anyone tell me if I need insurance to cover me for injury to tenants / their visitors whilst in the flat? I asked an estated agent, he said I did not neet it, however I want to make sure.

I look forward to a reply.

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Hi Collette,

It is wise to consider this cover to assure you have all angles covered.

Not many companies offer property owners liability insurance as a stand-alone cover however, a decent landlord's contents insurance policy should automatically include this cover (always check with the insurer / broker before you purchase!).

Landlord's contents insurance policies can start from as little as £62.50 pa (depending on full risk details) and include £2,000,000 property owners liability as standard. Should your risk criteria fall within the realms of minimum premiums it would be a very small price to pay for that extra protection & peace of mind.

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Hi Collette

Please check the Landlord Insurance Centre on this website.


You will find a list of our insurance partners here.

Many of these companies can help you - Ceta and IPS Insurance mentions this service. You could speak to Kam of IPS insurance on 0116 2717182.

Hope this helps.


Partnership Manager

Residential Landlord

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