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Section 8 notice


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I'm new to renting and I let a property to someone who is almost 8 weeks behind with their rent now. I want to serve a Section 8 notice on Grounds 8, 10 and 11.

Has anyone got a sample Section 8 notice than they can share with me so that I can serve the notice in the correct format.



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Have you contacted the tenant to ascertain why there has been no payment?

It's always good to try to maintain a working relationship with your tenant. If the tenant's reasons are insufficient, there is no sight of the money forthcoming and there is resistance to answer your legitimate questions then by all means go down the legal route.

Landlords are not social workers and I'm certainly not advocating this as after all we're running a business. HOWEVER it's always best to take a deep breath and open discussions with a tenant at the first sign of trouble. If this process turns out to be fruitless then by all means go down the legal route as you have a legal right to receive your rent on time.

Good luck!


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