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Off topic, but I know someone here will know the answer...


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Is there any way of finding out whether a company has been taken to the small claims court and lost their case?

We are still trying to deal with our wood floor issues, after failing to come to an agreement with the flooring suppliers and fitters, following all the usual letter before action stuff.

We have just had the most bizarre conversation with the actual flooring manufacturer, while trying to get hold of their specific fitting instructions and requirements, which went along the lines of -

Husband - hello, I rang you a few weeks ago, requesting a copy of your fitting instructions which you agreed to send me but which have yet to arrive. My name is Mr ****

Person from the flooring manufacturer - I have to stop you there, Mr *** and tell you that I've been told I am unable to speak to you, for legal reasons.

Husband - eh? What? You've taken legal advice because I asked you for a set of fitting instructions?

Person - I can't talk to you because of the court hearing you've already against with the fitters.

Husband - I haven't had any court case...yet.

Person - We're not allowed to talk to you because of the case you've already had against the fitters.

Husband - But I haven't got that far yet! Who informed you that I had? I find this all a bit strange...

Person - ******* (the rep that works closely with the suppliers we have an issue with). Oh, but maybe that was a different customer...

Husband - You mean that another customer of ****** (suppliers) has taken them to court over your product??

Cue a clarification of our situation and an agreement from this person that they would send out the request fitting instructions, but that he "has his job to consider".

Curiouser and curiouser, especially since we were in a shop yesterday that fits wood floors and mentioned our problems and they immediately described the suppliers as "cowboys....we've heard from other customers about their problems".

Out of sheer nosiness and to strengthen my resolve to take this as far as possible, I'm wondering whether it's possible to find out whether a company has lost in the small claims court?

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Hi Tracey,

Try Googling the company's name and the word 'complaints' and see what turns up and also try putting CCJ's after the name.

Also get in touch with Trading Standards for the area in which this company sells/manufactures and ask if they have had dealings with them which are derogatory.

Good luck with that.

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