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Insurance - contents and bricks & mortar


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Hi - would welcome advice.

We are just about to let our home, using an agent.

We will leave about 10K worth of stuff as furnishing for the tenant. Do I need cover for this since he is under an obligation (in the tenancy agreement) to fix it if he damages it.

Secondly - we will be leaving about 15K of our stuff in the loft. Do I need a seperate policy for this?

It seems that leaving 25K in the house is more than usual and exceeds most companies limits.

Thirdly - is it worth paying for accidental cover on the buildings? What if the tenant accidentaly puts his foot through a door or something?

Thanks for your advice, Steve W.

PS - in Scotland in case it makes a difference.

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Hi all... a deafening silence on this topic. The more I have investigated the more confused i have become. I have had advice from brokers saying that stuff in the loft will def. NOT be covered.

But others are happy to do business. Would really love a definative answer on this topic as my head is starting to hurt!


Steve w

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