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Safety Check Charges from Freeholder + Asbestos


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The new freehold owner has set out a long term plan for work to the building based over a 6 year period. On this basis, the freeholder wishes to increase the service charge payable to cover the cost.

For the structural work, much of the proposition is reasonable. My concern lies with a number of annual tests and inspections that have been included as part of the justification for the additioal service charges.

Specifically these are a health and safety inspection, a fire extinguisher service, annual servicing of fire alarm, a fire risk survey, and discharge of batteries to emergency lighting. These are listed by the freeholder as essential, annual activities required by law. Please can you advise me whether there is a legal obligation for the carrying out and annual frequency of the above list of tests/checks.

Further, there is an asbestos tank in the cellar of the building. The freeholder is proposing a report be done to investigate the tank and that if the report reccomends the tank be removed, the must also be paid for by the residents through service charges. Is it correct that the residents must fund this work or is it the reponsibility of the freehold owner?

can anyone help?

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