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Hi there I was wondering if anyone can help me, me and my partner are looking to buy a property but we want to rent it out next may at which time were planning on going to tenerife for 6-12 months what is the best mortgage to go for? is it necessary to go buy to let if were just renting out for 6-12 months and then coming back to live in the property? any help would be much appreciated. The proeperty is a three bedroomed terraced house worth £80000 but due to being related to the seller were paying £75000 and we are putting £5000 down on the property...everywhere we go for advice they seem keen to just give us a fixed or tracker mortgage and dont seem to know how to advise us 100%

many thanks :) ezzy and paul

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I cannot give advice on finance, but we have a few reputable companies in our selected supplier section for Mortgage lenders, they have experience with standard and buy-to-let mortgages. Go to this address -


Mike Trussler is my contact at Deal Finance, their number is 01902 331733.

Hope this helps.



Residential Landlord

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I can't really give advice on finance either! :angry:

However I do think you would need a buy-to-let mortgage and then change it back when you lived in the property.

Speak to Jane Bottomley at Your Mortgage 01423 868899 she'll be able to give you more advice, and tell her I sent you!



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