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Doing it ourselves at last


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We currently have 4 properties we rent out. Two are rented to work colleagues on 6mth assured short term tenancy agreements and we've had no probs - but as the tenants are subject to a disciplinary code of employment we did not request references, or run credit checks. ( we are aware of the potential risks doing it this way but satisfied with the arrangement when it involves work colleagues)

We use an agent for the other 2 properties but after a couple of years of dissatisfaction at the service they provide for the amount of money they claim, we've decided to sack the agents and do it all ourselves. ( and I appreciate there will be some very good professional agents out there)

I've looked through this forum and the advice and support appears to be excellent, but I need to know the following-

1. bank references - do banks have a proforma or if not - what do I actually ask for? or would asking the prospective tenant for the last 3 months bank statements be adequate proof of sufficient income

2. employment - presume this would just be a standard letter requesting confirmation of their current employment.

3. credit check - I've noted a couple of the companies recommended through these posts.

Are these letters/request forms available to purchase, or any publications with good expamples? I am willing to prepare my own templates etc once I know what is required - in order to be professional about this.

How long does it normally take for the banks and credit check companies to reply??

I am looking forward to the challenges - and we've three prospective tenants viewing one of the properties tomorrow!!

Thanks in advance......Sal

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