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Tenants who have abandoned property


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Can anyone help.

My tenants recently left my property without giving me a month's notice that they were leaving. They also didn't pay me the rent for the last month. They have now left and are renting else where in a different area. When we entered the property, there was a lot of damage and cleaning up to do, which has cost us a lot of money.

I know which area they are living but don't know their address. I have their National Insurance numbers and names obviously, but no further details. How would I go about tracing them? I know that I need an address before I can take them to a Small Claims court.

I would appreciate any help any one could give me on this matter as I don't want these tenants to get away with it.

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Provided that you have sufficient grounds to prove that the tenant has quitted, change the locks, tidy up the property, put this behind you and get on with the business of letting. If you still have their deposit, that should mitigate your losses.

If your losses are large, you could try serving a money claim court order c/o the tenant's references (bank, employment, parent, etc) but first you need to ask the court in writing to accept a variation of service, giving your reasons. But don't expect any response from the tenant, even if this results in a CCJ in your favour.

A read of the last few pages of this forum should convince any landlord that a tenant leaving without paying final rent and without a forwarding address is a normal part of the business risk of being a landlord.

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