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Electrical Testing


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Hi everyone

I hope you can help please. I'm very new to this and would really appreciate some guidance.

I have just had an electrical check carried out on my flat - by my local electrician, fully qualified etc. I told him it was because I wanted to rent the flat out and he gave me a KEWTECH certificate.

However, I have since been told that only one by an NICEIC electrician is any good.

Is this true?

Do I have to pay out all over again?

Thanks in advance for your help

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i assume you have had a Periodic inspection report done.

it is usually upto your insurance company whether they req NICEIC pir's.

the NICEIC only allow PIR's to be done by a fully approved member, not a domestic installer, so alot of NIC registered sparks can't issue NIC PIR's, but they can issue one as long as it hasn't got NIC on it.

so, i my opinion the one you have been issued should suffice, unless your insurance co says other.


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Thanks so much Russ, I'm very grateful for your quick response.

The insurance company havent specified - however, they wont talk to me directly about the policy because I am not the freeholder (it is a flat and I have most of a 999 year lease). I find this a bit worrying too, to be honest. They have told me verbally its fine (hypothetically) but that the freeholder must be the one to inform them. What if he simply doesnt bother even after Ive asked him to? Any advice on this too would be much appreciated please - or should I have opened another topic?

Many thanks


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