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Savings on Capital gains


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Bought property in 1988 with wife,moved out in 1997 & let it out(all above board with tax man).Moved out of next place in 2001 & let it out.

Looking to sell 1st place next year.iknow all about the taper refief & last 3 years etc but my question is.

If my wife & i were having martial problems & we had a temp split & i went to live back at 1st place then we decided to seel the property 6 months later would i be able to sell the place as my main residance & therefore pay no CGT?

& would it then it make a differance if we patched things up & i moved back in with my wife?


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I can see what you are trying to acheive and I really wouldn't recommend that you play with the system like this.

Incidentally, even if you did truly split and then sell the property 6 months later you are achieving nothing since the final 36 months of ownership is covered by PPR as it was your PPR at some point. So the 6 month period would be swallowed into the last 36 months.

I hope this helps.



(Plym 77)

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