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hi all

at the moment i have the property i live in, value about £200k, a block of three shops, 2 rented and my wife has her buisines in the other, and a 2 bed mainsonette above two of the shops, have no idea of the shops value, but i get £200pcm for each of them, mainsonette probably worth about £85k, getting £300pcm for that. i currently have no lending on these only about a 60% ltv on my property.

i would like to purchase more residential, but i have spoke to a few advisors and they have all said it nearly impossible to get any lending on commercial property under £100k each, (although in good repair they are definately not worth that!).

i could remortgage the mainsonette but i dont think it would give me enough capital to get started.

anybody have any ideas


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Hi Russ

It may be possible to secure a mortgage on your own home (or any of the other properties), but have it deductible against your rental business income - which I assume is what you are getting at.

This is not a difficult situation to overcome - I posted recently regarding mortgages and deductibility on another thread - have a look at it and if you have any further questions, let me know. The thread is 'Buying to Let or Occupy' and I last posted there 7/6/06

If you are actually looking for finance itself, then I cannot advise on this as I am not an IFA.


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To clarify, you may be able to arrange a number of mortgages across your portfolio to purchase new investment properties and still have an allowance for the mortgage interest against your income from the properties.

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