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How many storeys in a split-level property?


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I would be grateful for any help to mediate on a difference of opinion on whether an HMO is two-storey or higher for the purposes of licensing.

The property is a split-level property with two storeys facing the front elevation and two storeys facing the rear. Main access is from the front elevation and this level includes the kitchen. There is then six steps which lead up to the next level where there is access to the rear of the property and where one bedroom is located. A further seven steps leads to the next level where two further bedrooms are located, and a further six steps leads to the top level where there are two further bedrooms.

The views are that this is either a two storey HMO, as it appears from the outside, or a four storey HMO with accommodation on four different levels. A determinant factor may be that the residents on the top level only have to travel down two small flights of stairs to reach the access into the rear garden.


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