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When do I need to give notice ? / organise renew ?


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Hi me again

Sorry but your guys are sooo helpful . I know this is a while off yet but I like to pre-empt all situations so I'm prepared ! My tenants are due to stay at my property until 30th Novemeber on a sh tenancy for 6 months. They said at the beginning they will hopefully want to extend it for another six months ....When do I need to know from them if they want to stay ? If they aren't staying what is the date I need to give them notice ? and finally .....they have paid me six months up front this time and they have agreed to do the same again if they stay on another six months ...so when would I need to request payment for the next six months ? / and when do we need to sign a new tenancy agreement.....Do you think it would be a good idea to do sign a new agreement and get money up front at the same time ? As always, your views , opinions, advice is TRULY appreciated.

Thanks ;)

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