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Rent Arrears; made many mistakes


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Hey there, this is my first time posting.

I purchased a property last year and started to let it out. Until a few months ago I had no problems but these are my problems if anyone can help.

1. At the time of purchasing the property I was very young and stupid and I didnt realise I needed a buy-to-let mortgage, the mortgage company contacted me and told me I needed one, and I said ok, well change the mortgage. So now, my mortgage is being changed. First problem is what affect does this have on my tenancy agreement with my tenant? as she owes me rent

2. As I was at university during the last year, I wasnt able to collect rent. It didnt amount to much as the council was paying most of it, the small remainder she would pay. I know it is her requirement that she pays me rent but she never paid me for going on a three months now, it has reached a substantial amount. How do I get this back?

3. As I have finished university, for the last three weeks I'v been trying to chase up on the rent. She keeps making excuses and now says because of financial problems she has to leave, as she cant keep up with the rent. The amount is not alot (the rent on a per week basis, not what she owes me). I went round today and she refused to see me! I know shes in contact with my mortgage company, will this have any adverse effects? and how can I now get my money back off her before she leaves. (she handed a notice yesterday)

I realise my actions are quite foolish when one looks retrospectively but I would appreciate any support you may give to a novice who took too much on without knowing the right things

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