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I have about 8 residential flats that I am presently managing on my own. I am self employed at the same time and most of my time goes in my self employment activity.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep a track of all the inspections that needs to be carried out on EACH property (gas, electricity, insurances,renewal of tenancies, etc)plus receipt of rent. I have set up templates on Excel to give me some idea but I have to confess it is not that efficient as I have to keep on looking at my Excel sheets every day.

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a software for someone like me who has a small portfolio that can keep tabs on such inspections and income/expenses, produce standard agreements, notices, etc and which is updated regularly by the vendor. This way one is fully up to date with the legislation and requirments of law.

I carried out some searches and found a software called Rentman. Has anyone used it? Can anyone recommend any other user friendly, popular software which does not break the back but does the job?

Any help will be appreciated.


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Try Landlord Enterprise - there's a 2009 version that allows you to use your own form text with fields from the database.It alos does accounting, maintenance logs, scheduling, and lots more.

they have a free trial at www.landlordenterprise.com

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