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Letting Agents


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I have just recently got rid of my letting agent as they have been no help at all except for taking money.

They were always late with sending out invoices and never returned my calls. Once I phoned them at about one o'clock and they said they would ring back later. I rung them again in two hours only to be told that they been trying to get hold of me.

The main problem was that the contract run out last year and I intructed them to increase the payment for the next six months of the new contract. They done this andf when the tenants went to pay they the letting agency said the couldn't take the increased payments because there computer was saying the old payment. Even the tenants were amazed with their incompetance.

Were doing fine now that we have got rid of the hopeless middlemen.

Just thought I'll have a moan and let you all know out there that don't let certain people get to you. Just stick in there and perserver



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