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Buildings Insurance


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I currently live in a First Floor Flat of a converted 2storey victorian semi-detached house. (I.e there are 2 flats in the building)

My flat is leasehold and the ground floor flat is leasehold, but as the owner of the first floor flat i also hold the freehold to the whole property, which is aparently a bit of an odd situation.

Any how the deeds to the freehold state that the landlord (i.e me as the freeholder)is responsable for organising the Buildings insurance for the whole building including the fixtures and fittings. I 'the landloard' can then claim half the cost of the buildings insurance off of the ground floor flat (leaseholder).

The problem is that i can seem to find an insurance company who will cover me, because i live in the building. Does anyone know of any insurance companies that will or is their anyone in a similar situation. Currently both flats are insured seperatley but i dont think this is fully meets the requirements of the buildings insurance.

Please help!!

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