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HMO Licensing


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I am getting a bit confused as to what is and what is not a HMO?

I currently let a 3 bedroom property to 3 joint tenants (i.e one tenancy agreement with 3 names on it) The property is 3 storeys i.e ground floor, first floor and attice.

Does anyone no whether or not this constities a HMO and as such I need to a licence?

Any help will be greatly



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hi Jamie,

If they are not related then the property is an HMO, but doesn't require a licence - you just need to register it only.

As it's on three floors you would need a licence if there were 5 or more tenants.

simply put:

Any property with 3 or more unrelated tenants (it is totally irrelevant whether they are on one lease or not) is now an HMO and must be registered with the LA.

Further, any property of 3 or more floors AND with 5 or more tenants is a licensable HMO - the penalties are severe for not applying for a licence.

Any property converted into flats, even with 1 tenant in each, is an HMO if when converted the work carried out did not comply with the Building Regulations of 1991.


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