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Rent a Room Scheme


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Does anyone know if the £4,250 tax exemption is per room or in total? I.E. if you rent out more than 1 room in your property can you claim for each of them?

Also, does anyone know if you make the room self contained whether you can claim this?


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Rent a room relief is not per room. It is per house. Therefore where you have a husband and wife, you can still only claim the one rent a room relief.

If you income comes to more than £4250 you have two choices:

1. You can either claim the rent a room relief and pay tax on the balance - ie. assuming your rental income is £5250, you would claim £4250 relief and pay tax on the £1000.


2. You could treat it like a mini-rental statement, example:

Income 5250, proportionate share of utilities/Ctax/Mortgage interest etc say 3000, meaning, that tax would be payable on the balance of 2250.

What you need to do is work out whether it is best to apply rent a room or not.

Remember that if you choose the mini-rental statement option, that it is mortgage INTEREST that is deducted, not the repayments.

Hope this helps!


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