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Missing tenant


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I gave the required two months notice to two joint tenants renting a flat from me to leave the flat by 31st May. One has found alternative accommodation and is moving out tomorrow but the other has disappeared - no rent owing. I have written to him as well as text and telephoned him - only the answerphone on which I have left several messages to contact me asap. He knows I want him to move out by 31st but I am unable to confirm he will move by then. If he does not re-appear, can I move anything he has left in the flat into storage at my house until he re appears as I want to re-let the flat to my son asap?

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What did you say in the letter to the "Missing Tenant"?.

Remember joint tenants are not separate entities that have a joint and several responsibility, if the one who is adhering to the NTQ is contactable remind him without full possession you will have to go to court for an accelerated possession (I am not saying you will need to do this, but in certain circumstances the right words in the right ears will suffice). tell him the court costs are immense once you instruct a solicitor. As a joint severally responsible tenant he will be liable for part or all of the costs.

I have to say sometimes in situations like this you have to "box clever" rather than using text book legal stuff. this kind of situation if played in a "gung ho2 fashion could blow up in your face.

Let me know more.

e-mail me if you need to.

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