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Hi Folks,

My wife and i have a property that we let out to a tenant, we would like to get another property, what is the best way to get this?.

The amount of work that the property may require doesnt worry us as our family is involved in the building trade.

Is it better to go for an estate agent, a repossession or buy at auction.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Firecracker,

I would take all routes, agents, auctions, etc. Do your market research first, i.e. what the market demands in your area, you don’t want a property that won’t let with ease.

I normally advise landlords that “they will kiss a lot of frogs before they find their prince”, meaning you may have to look at a lot of property before finding the right one.

Talk to agents, yes, sure they will want your business, but at the same time you do not have to commit and they will love to advise on their home market, but don’t just talk to one, talk to at least three.

But before all of this, find out how much you have to spend, know your buying power, any good mortgage broker or financial adviser can help you find the right Buy to Let package that these days can be set up in several different ways.

One final thing, don’t be afraid to look further afield than just your home market, look at areas that are cheaper to buy in but rents may be comparable to the ones achieved for you already, there are still some good areas, but again, research, research, research.

I have seen landlords over the years who have not gone in with their eye wide open, purchased the first cheap bit of tat and are surprised when it has gone belly up. Remember all that glitters is not necessarily gold and this is also true with property.

Where are you in the country?



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Hello Firecracker,

Being in Strathclyde, you should check out the buy to let market in South Ayrshire.

We opened as an estate agents in Prestwick in Feb this year and with the number of enquiries we had early on and the earning potential, we have opened a lettings department within the office.

There seems to be more people looking to rent a property than properties available, particularly 2 bed flats.

We can help from the initial looking for suitable properties to full property management. For any further help, please feel free to email me or check out our website.


Kind Regards.

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