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"How To Instantly Become $15-29k + Wealthier and make - Even If You're Not An Experienced Investor."

(But I Can Only Help One Person...)

Dear Friend,

I've got an opportunity for a smart real estate investor to cash in on 2 single familites in Missouri with serious instant equity and no banks unless you want to refi for cash.

Just imagine if you could have this type of opportunity:

Opportunity #1

Single Family

5 Bed/1.5 Bath

1945 Sq Ft

Property Value: $95k Appraisal (Nov 2005)

Your Price: $80k (mortg balance)

Take over payments: $622.33 a mo.


Opportunity #2

Single Family

3 Bed/1 Bath

1,099 Sq Ft

Property Value: $54k Appraisal (Nov 2005)

Your Price: $40k (mortg balance)

Take over payments: $442.16 a mo.

Here's the deal -

You can own these two opportunities right away - and it's a huge opportunity, not just because you can have it without using your own credit, but also because you can actually make a HUGE income from selling these on a rent to own and make your initial money right back!

But.. First, there's the money involved. If you could instantly become $15,000- 29,000k richer for something that's brainlessly simple, I'm sure you'd agree that it's worth a look.

Second, it just doesn't matter where you're located - that's what property managers are for. You can own the property, get all the benefits of it - and not have to worry about the stuff that property managers can do for you.

Finally - it's easy because you don't have to do anything major to it. It's in good condition, other than maybe needing some minor clean up, paint.

What will you do with the extra money this deal generates for you?

Take a great vacation?

Pay for your kid's college?

Take some time off from work?

The choice is yours - and all you've got to do is come up with the minimal $8,500 Assignment fee both properties and 2 deals can be yours....if you respond right now by sending me an email.

BUT - you should only respond if you're serious. If you don't have $7,500 this deal isn't right for you. But if you do have $8,500 - and you're a smart, serious investor, then this is an amazing way to convert $8,500 into a whopping $29,000 + in net worth - instantly, and get the tax benefits, depprecation, and appreciation that come with ownership.

This is a No Brainer!

The last time I made an offer like this, the deal was taken within just a few hours, so if you're ready, respond right now.

Have a great day, and Respond Now!

Dustin @ 614-394-4682

or email at calldustin@gmail.com

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Wow what a great deal this sounds

Seems almost to good to be true, and as the saying goes, if it seems to good to be true it normaly is to good to be true,

why dont you just invest the money yourself and take all that lovely profit,

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