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Tenant on Housing Benefit


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I wonder if anyone can help, I am having a few issues with my first buy to let property.

My tenant is on housing benefit and for the first few months of me owning the property has been fine paying the full amount of rent.

However the last two months I have been paid £50 short which now means its not covering my mortgage which is not in my eyes a good investment.

I have a managing agent who doesn't seem to know what going on, apparently the tenant is saying this is all they are giving him as the money goes to him first instead of direct to the managing agents.

I am struggling to get to the bottom of this with the housing association not being very helpful. I wonder if someone could let me know if they've had a similar experience or if there was a way round this.

I am considering a new tenant but this could me no rent for a few months.

Many Thanks.

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i had housing benefit tenant who was originally employed but when he had to claim paid £50 short too. I think Local Authority will pay a proportion of rent total but, expect claimant to pay the top-up.....thats my understanding of it....

I think it depends on if they have paid stamp/national insurance contributions and whether they are unemployed or sick.... housing office should be able to tell you this....

anyway I would ask Housing benefit to pay you direct for now and then if arrears go to 2 months plus, go for possession....

sounds harsh but, if you have mortgage to pay why should you pay through they nose for it - albeit they may be a deserving case.....you need to have a professional person with Guarantoor in case unforeseen happens..

contact your Citizens Advice Bureau too.......or log-on to www.landlordzone.co.uk

good luck!

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