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Quantifying Betterment??

N Gadenne

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Does any one know anything or where I can find some info on Betterment?

I have just had a tenant vacate a property and on check out noticed that there a 4 polycarbonate panels damaged on the concervatory roof.

I have since found out from a neighbour that the tenants were seen jumping on the roof during a party, this was reported to the police so it's pretty clear they are responsible. The problem I have is that they no longer supply panels of the original colour (have checked with a number of roof people).

I don't want a stripey roof so will have to get the lot re-done, I can't charge the tenant for the panels that aren't damaged but it is there fault it's got to be done.

So........ how do I go about aportioning cost so I am not in a better position and they are charged fairly for the damage?

Obviously all cases such as this a re going to be individual but I would be gratful if anyone can give a general idea or any case studies of how this betterment issue can be addressed!!?

Many thanks


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