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manage by my own Ltd company


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I own a small Ltd Company which is making a loss, but I own 3 properties for lettings and they are making some profits. Now, if I used my owe Ltd company to manage my personal rental properties, after paying the management fee to my own company, I'll probably not need to pay personal tax on my properties, will it work? Any drawbacks that I should be aware of?

Any comments will be welcome.

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Hi Ted

Not sure what you are trying to do. Are you trying to put all income and expenses through the company? or use the company to just collect rent, charge a letting fee and deal with 'repairs etc' and pass the balance back to yourself as the property owner. Also, is the company VAT registered?

What is the company currently used for?

There are quite different tax affects with these two options. please explain further and I will see if I can help


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