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Accelerated possession order


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it depends on each individual. With the accelerated proecure you only gat the property back but cannot claim for rent arrears within the same proceedings. The usual time should be about 3 months but it really depends on how busy your local county court is. Sometimes, they really take alon time.

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Hello Kate

Yes I have experience of the Accelerated Possession Order. I have been doing this type of work for 8 years.

Once the S21 Housing Act Notice has expired it takes about 28 days to obtain an order for possession the procedure entitles you to a possession order and costs but not rent arrears. There should be no need for a hearing provided the Notice is fine and served correctly.

I do recommend this route, we use it quite often for our landlords

If you need help with it then call us.

Mrs Toyin Davidson-Ero

LLb, F.Inst.L.Ex

Landlord Support Services

Tel: 0845 128 4032



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Thank you for the replies everyone. It is reassuring to know that the APO does not take forever. I will let you know how it all goes, but I am hoping it does not come to that.

What if my tenant moves out before the possession order is granted by the courts, but after I have applied for the order? Are the tenants still liable for the costs?

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