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Evicting a tenant early on an AST?


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I have a tenant on an assured shorthold tenancy agreement which ends on 31/8/06.

It is my only property, and after some time away, I am keen to move back in as soon as the contract is up or sooner if possible. He has been a good tenant, until April when he did not pay rent until May, and I am still awaiting May's rent with no explanation or apology. He is also now saying that he wants to stay on past the end of his contract, even though this is not suitable to or agreed by me.

From reading the Q and As on this forum, evicting someone is quite arduous. Can I serve an eviction notice now, as it was my principle residence originally, or do I need to wait until the end of contract date is up? Do I serve Section 21 or is there a different one if I want him to leave earlier? Is this paperwork something I can serve myself? How long roughly does this whole process take? Would I be better of just allowing him to stay a few extra months, if by the time this process goes through he will be ready to leave any way?

Any help would be very much appreciated

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