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wot to do


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Advice wud be appreciated

I have a lodger in my house he has lived there for 3 1/2 yrs, he used to work ,

he was on the sick after he finished his job for the last year.

7 weeks ago they stopped his stamp & money cos not enough points on medical

and also told him as he gets a pension of nearly £500 per month not entitled to any money.

So for the last seven weeks he has not paid me a penny in rent and i am actually having to pay full c/tax cos of him being there.

He tells me he has lodged an appeal and could take up to another 3 months thus bein 5 moths without any rent,

I do not have any kind of aggreement down in writing at the minute, but now he is now asking for a formal aggreement after speaking to his m/p who has told him if he gets this he may be able to apply for housing benifit.

My question is should i give him a 6 month contract dating from when he stopped paying his rent,

And where do i stand after this if his appeal is lost, As he says he has not got enough money out of his pension to pay me rent

could i just give him 4 weeks notice to quit my house thus being the 6 month or legally where do i stand

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